Wage prediction for football players

Problem description

FIFA 18 Complete Player Dataset from Kaggle.com

17k+ players, 70+ attributes extracted from the latest edition of FIFA

I am going to create a model from where club owners can find out or suggest the wage of a player while hiring them into the club.

Model Creation

I have used random forest with hyperparameter tuning to have the best model. I have tested with many difffernt tools and algforothms. 
Best one i have found is Scikit learn and Flask to deploy that in AWS EC2.

Best parameters found after tuning:

{'n_estimators': 500, 
'min_samples_split': 10,
'min_samples_leaf': 4,
'max_features': 2,
'max_depth': 90,
'bootstrap': True}

Web interface of the wage prediction system

Web interface of the wage prediction system

Contact info: (your feedback and suggestions are welcome)

076 233 6239