Frontlight cooperates with  a number of companies in Sweden and abroad.

    In Sweden it is mainly Actionwave and RickyDcruce. 

    The cooperating companies have substansial developer resources available in USA, Bangladesh and India.

    Frontlight is basically a consulting company acting in some areas of the IT world. 

    The owner and senior consultant has a long track record in all kind of systems and business areas. The main focus over the years has been automation - and monitoring systems, mainly in heavy industrial projects, like rolling mills.

    In recent years more focus has been to development and projects within web area. We have also been involved in SME digitazation projects ranging from small E-shops to rather big ad sites and booking applications.



    Plåtverksgatan 111

    72479 Västerås


    +46(0)707 917022

    Sverigedemokraterna Västerås


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